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cedar chest plans

The Elliotts found their treasure in a small shop somewhere near the Hotel Maria Cristina, where they spent their honeymoon in 1972. It was in that shop that Rob Elliott said a clerk seemed to think the young American couple would take care of the unbound pages of a 1907 publication that appears to explain the Aztec calendar, using reproductions of illustrations dating back to the 1500s.

What about some benches? Many used to line the walks, circle the pool, and stand guard at the tennis courts and baseball diamonds. Why do we have to bring our own chairs when we go to the park for an event or a leisurely walk?

The Elliotts found the book engrossing, but it also induced the sense they needed to return it to Mexico, a feeling that grew when they met a Mexican official, Rosario Gomez, last year during a trip organized by the Museum of Western Colorado.

Cheryl Butler, 58, said she lives with her sister, Debra Rasmussen, in the second-story unit. The two women were readying for Thanksgiving when a smoke alarm went off in the condo. They opened the closed door to Rasmussen’s bedroom and saw flames leap out of an electrical outlet, Butler said.

Rob Elliott laughs at his wife Beverly’s comment as the two display the book they own that they plan to repatriate to Mexico, where they bought it for about $50 in 1972 while on their honeymoon.

Gomez will take it to the National Institute of Anthropology and History, where it will be studied, and, the Elliotts hope, contribute to a better understanding of Mexican history by Mexicans themselves.

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