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do it yourself woodworking projects

do it yourself woodworking projects

To add a little curb appeal to her new digs, photographer Chloe Moore stained a slab of wood and attached these modern $5 numerals from Home Depot. It’s an easy upgrade that can be finished in a day. Check it out at Chloe Moore Photography.

“Woody” McGrath started the 16,000 Woodworking Plans Project to help those interested in learning woodworking from home. A complete and comprehensive guide to reading plans and blueprints is the basis of Woody’s training. The hard to understand plans of the past have now been eliminated and a new series of training was created by Woody McGrath to help beginners. Advanced learners are not left out of the DIY Woodworking Plans Project as thousands of advanced projects are included in these downloadable plans.

Some composite railings systems are designed for do-it-yourself projects, and many railings are offered in a variety of colors so that color coordinating with a home’s exterior is easy. Certain lengths of composite railings also offer support and strength without the requirement of metal reinforcements which makes them easier and less of a hassle to install.

According to DIY magazine, over 60 percent of all home repairs can be prevented. These repairs can also be completed by a knowledgeable homeowner. Insurance companies release data to regulators that keep track of the amount of home improvement projects that are completed each year. A majority of the projects that are completed are attachments to the home like garages, swing sets, and spare rooms. Homeowners without the knowledge of completing these projects often have to pay a contractor or woodworker to arrive and finish the job on time and on budget.

Composite railings are gaining popularity for all different styles of homes. When installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, composite railing offers similar support and safety to a wooden railing and is low maintenance because of the exterior of the product. Like a wooden railing, the colors of a composite railing can be chosen to complement, balance or offset the deck and the styles can provide a rustic look or add polish for the outdoor living space.

We’re loving the use of neon signage as art of late, but the price tag can be a bit daunting. So when we came across this bright idea by Rhode Island’s The Design Office on Apartment Therapy a while back, we asked designer Sarah Rainwater how she made it. “I did a faint pencil sketch of the word on the wall first and attached the lights with lots of clear thumbtacks. (The wall behind is actually a white painted homesote that we use as a pinboard),” Rainwater told us. “The tacks weren’t very visible once it was complete. I originally installed it for our office holiday party last year and the table of food went beneath it (hence the “yum”), but we liked it so much we left it up!”

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