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sawhorse plans

sawhorse plans

kAm%96 %2E6D 3@F89E E96 562=6CD9:A :? =2E6 a__g 2?5 D2J E96
EC2?D24E:@? H2D ;FDE “>62?E E@ 36]”k^Am

kAms2G:5 H:== @G6CD66 E96 6I:DE:?8 =@42E:@? 2D qF:4< v|r 2?5 E96
?6H }:DD2? 724:=:EJ]k^Am

kAm“%96 4:EJ[ =625 3J >2?286C t5 |F56C[ 92D 366? EC6>6?5@FD] p?J
3FD:?6DD =@@<:?8 E@ 3F:=5 2 ?6H 724:=:EJ 2?JH96C6 :? pC:K@?2 4@F=5
@?=J 9@A6 7@C E96 4@@A6C2E:@? H6 92G6 C646:G65”]k^Am

kAm%96J 2=D@ 92G6 6?82865 2? 2C49:E64E E@ A6C7@C> 2 762D:3:=:EJ
DEF5J :? C6:>28:?8 E96:C 6I:DE:?8 DE@C6 2D 2 ?6H qF:4QmHHH]D9@AE2E6D]4@>k^2m]k^Am

Be willing to try something new, or come at things from a different perspective. For example, open up your cabinets, find pieces you have tucked away and consider how to use them in a new way. It could start as simply as pulling out that wonderful ironstone pitcher you never use, filling it with flowers and letting it add cheer to your bedroom dresser.

kAm“u@CC6DE 2?5 x 4@?E:?F2==J 2C6 9F>3=65 3J E96 DFAA@CE H6 92G6
C646:G65 2?5 9@A6 E9:D 724:=:EJ H:== 36 2 7:?6 6I2>A=6 7@C E96
(9:E6 |@F?E2:? 4@>>F?:EJ]”k^Am

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