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Formerly booming fishing towns such as Kesennuma, home of
Miyagi’s biggest harbor, were withering at an even faster pace
as international quotas cut catches, depressed income levels and
ended the glamor of an area once known for extravagant homes
dubbed maguro goten, or tuna palaces.

Kobe is typical of how most reconstruction drives end,
disaster economics specialist Toya says, with just enough
rebuilding to avert a dramatic loss of capacity while missing an
opportunity to jump-start growth. On average, catastrophes
around the world have left neither a positive nor a negative
long-term footprint on national economies, according to a 2010
Inter-American Development Bank study.

Murai’s prescription for Japan’s malaise is in line with
what many critics of government policy have recommended. For
years, economists have urged the central government to transfer
power and grant more autonomy to local authorities, ease
regulations that stifle business, wrest control of the nation’s
farms and harbors from the powerful agriculture and fishery
cooperatives and cut one of the world’s highest corporate tax

With an abundance of biomass resources and renewable incentives,
the Pacific West provides ample opportunities for developers.
Attendees of the Pacific West Biomass Conference & Trade Show will
have access to biomass industry stakeholders involved in every aspect
of biomass-based power, thermal and biofuels.

That number is expected to increase in response to Senate Bill 489,
which was recently signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown. The bill
allows small-scale biomass and biogas projects (1 megawatt or less)
to qualify for the state’s Net Energy Metering program, which will
help development of new biogas projects utilizing agricultural
residue, municipal solid waste and wastewater.

Japan as a nation, like Miyagi and the region that
surrounds it, Tohoku, cannot afford to return to its pre-
disaster trail of deflation and debt, he says in an interview
during his Tokyo visit four months after the March 11 disaster.

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